How to Lessen the Effects of Divorce On Your Children

Whether divorce is traumatic for children because of the separation itself or the other related factors that arise from it is often debated. While it’s undeniable that experiencing a household and family that seems to split into two is hard on them, there are other things within the control of parents that can help lessen […]

Protecting Your Business During Divorce

Entering a marriage as a business owner often means there are prenuptial agreements. They are a good idea to keep the business safe if things go south, but they aren’t always signed. If you feel like your marriage is on the rocks, there are a few key strategies that can help divorce-proof your company to […]

3 Tips for Winning Child Custody in Florida

Divorce doesn’t always have to be detrimental to children, but when entering a child custody battle, all bets are off. When the risk is that high, a good parent is willing to do whatever necessary to ensure the protection of their child. A well-planned case with robust evidence in your favor will increase your chances […]

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